Mission: Make #AlitaSequel Go Trending - 2020

Call out to Alita Army

Mission Description

We want the Saga of Alita: Battle Angel to continue. The experience we had was remarkable. And we want to feel that magic of the first one again. Join us on our quest!

Make #AlitaSequel Go Trending Foxfire's Tweet

Who should you address?

@DisneyStudios @20thcentury @DisneyMovies
Use #AlitaSequel

What can you do?

We tweet. All together at the same time worldwide. Let's raise our voice, and get that sequel once and for all! #AlitaSequel go trending. Not now, but all together at the same time worldwide. For one hour we Tweet, we unleash hell.

When should I Tweet?

Thursday February 6, 2019 at 12:00 PM UTC


‘Alita: Battle Angel’ Deserves A Sequel — And A Video Game

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Disney would be wise to diversify a little bit, and put some of its eggs into the Alita: Battle Angel basket. There’s rich soil for a new franchise here, with multiple sequels and spin-offs, including a video game spin-off. Hell, I’d play a Motorball spin-off video game. That could be awesome.

Posted on Tweeter on Feb 2 2020