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2019, the year Alita came into my life and all you lovely people.? #AlitaArmy

9/20/2021, 2:38:26 PM

Yes they did! Hope @Disney wakes up and realises they have a historic movie on their hands! It would be so silly for them to discard Rosa Salazar's Alita and the best anime adaptation of all time (by far, sorry Speed Racer is fun but no way near close). #AlitaSequel @JimCameron

9/20/2021, 1:53:03 PM

Since Disney bought FOX the sequel plans were put on the back burner as they have other priorities (MCU, live action remakes, reboots etc). hopefully they will announce something late this year or next! ?#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy @jimcameron @jonlandau @DisneyStudios @20thcentury

9/20/2021, 2:28:18 PM

Look at the work of art that I found On Pinterest I loved it and I share it obviously I did not do it myself But it is wonderful #Fanarts #Alita #AlitaArmy ??❤️?

9/20/2021, 1:26:06 AM