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@mrobles19392010 @IzanRamos2002 @Foxfire40900590 @DMrkunst @OptimizticOzzie @JohnnySciFi Not bad tho.

7/11/2020, 8:40:06 AM

@dennis_won @IzanRamos2002 @Foxfire40900590 @DMrkunst @OptimizticOzzie @JohnnySciFi This guy Paul Untitled had been stepping it up. #AlitaArmy @AlitaArmy

7/11/2020, 1:40:19 PM

Movie recommendations? I like shitty overproduced action flicks.

7/11/2020, 6:08:51 AM

@ZachandMattShow Go watch ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy

7/11/2020, 1:02:14 PM

Dude!!! This is AMAZING!!! #AlitaBattleAngel #alita #AlitaArmy #FANART #AlitaSequel

7/11/2020, 1:13:28 PM