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@KowalcikK @Foxfire40900590 I think I have all of my tickets except the first one (and maybe one other)!

1/27/2021, 12:03:24 AM

@vladdie777 @Foxfire40900590 for me the first #Alita -Cinema-ticket would be like his Ring for Gollum ...🥺😌😬😳😄

1/27/2021, 12:08:24 AM

@Foxfire40900590 Good Question Brother! First Saw Alita Opening Weekend. Originally had no interest in it, BUT after my 2nd viewing the following weekend, I was enthralled by the magnitude of the movie, and left feeling inspired by Alita As A character. She IS a warrior, a Battle Angel, And-

1/26/2021, 11:57:23 PM

@Foxfire40900590 Truly makes everyone around her(aside from Nova ofc ;) better. She Has a beautiful and inspring courage, and is played well. I only wish more got to see it in theaters when it opened. #Alita

1/26/2021, 11:58:59 PM

Sure @Rodriguez is a busy guy with many new projects planned and more to come that aren't Alita... But don't think for a second he won't make time for Alita when her time comes! #AlitaSequel

1/27/2021, 12:07:10 AM

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1/26/2021, 11:41:33 PM