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Daily #AlitaChallenge - still waiting on the #AlitaSequel. (We don’t often get dense fog during the afternoon, so took advantage of the situation and shot some extra photos.)

1/21/2020, 8:21:18 PM

nobody is talking about alitas snubs #Oscarsnubs #Oscars it should have been nominated for best cgi best soundtrack best actress and best cinematography #Alita #AlitaArmy the oscars should have taken the #AlitaChallenge

1/16/2020, 3:03:50 AM

Alita- Battle Angel Is More Fascinating Than You Think! #AlitaChallenge via @YouTube I have made it my mission to find all Alita content made by YouYube creators and share them with all my #AlitaArmy fans. Somehow I missed this video.

12/21/2019, 8:02:37 PM