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I wanna follow more cosplayers drop your fav cosplay below πŸ’œ

4/22/2020, 4:12:13 AM

@MakoDear Hi thought I could drop mine if it's still possible! Here is my #Alita from the movie #AlitaBattleAngel

1/15/2021, 8:31:55 PM

HoKa Hey #AlitaArmy! Here's our sweet cyborg girl (but don't make her mad) just looking way too cute! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

1/15/2021, 4:51:32 PM

The art of Alita - Battle angel #collection #artbook #art #alita

1/15/2021, 3:28:23 PM

@Rodriguez @DisneyStudios @Disney @JimCameron @jonlandau @ParamountMovies like cmon its been 2 years and u guys are making us wait so much we dont mind if u release the sequel late just give us confirmation pls u will make millions of ppl happy #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy #alita2

1/15/2021, 1:38:53 PM

1/4 Twitter, and especially #AlitaArmy , whose engaged so much with me. I desperately need your input. Please read thread: I am not a good Twitter user, I don’t check it very often and I never know what to post. I’m better about my Instagram and Facebook accounts...

1/15/2021, 5:52:35 PM

@KowalcikK @DMrkunst @AlitaMovie Agree 100%!

1/15/2021, 3:24:47 PM

@vladdie777 @DMrkunst @AlitaMovie I think you can remember that the "RustyAngel" -Drawing was drawn as thank you to the #Alita Fans after @elonmusk posted the (made by one of us > Johnny SciFi and posted to Elon by @challengerST ) #BattleAngel #Starship -Edit:

1/15/2021, 3:55:40 PM

γ€ŒπŸ«γ€ Waiting Game @ParamountPics @DisneyStudios @20thcentury @jonlandau It's January 15, 2021 We loved @AlitaMovie Please make the sequel officially happen, a beautiful sequel that will honour the first film πŸ™ #AlitaSequel What happens after this? πŸ‘‡

1/15/2021, 2:08:16 PM

Here's the 2nd Alita emote I've done, xD. Joke Alita. Basically Alita told you a joke, and she's like "Get it?" Lol. These go straight into my Discord channel. If you wanna take it/download to use, at least credit me, please. Like it? #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaArmy

1/15/2021, 7:46:33 AM