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HoKa Hey #AlitaArmy, here's our way too cute battle angel. That smile again!❤️❤️❤️❤️

5/6/2021, 2:10:35 PM

#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy @DisneyStudios @DisneyMovies @20thcentury @JimCameron @jonlandau

5/6/2021, 12:29:42 PM

The film already cast a spell on me after 5 minutes - a rich / poor structure like in Final Fantasy games and the portion of supernaturalness, as it can also be found in films like Panem, rounds off this really great film to an optical and narrative spectacle... 2/3

5/6/2021, 1:23:52 AM

Especially when I hear the title song 'Swan Song', I feel like watching the film again. I really hope for a second part, because Alita is in my personal top 10 best films of all time.' #AlitaSequel @DisneyStudios @JimCameron @JonLandau @20thcentury

5/6/2021, 1:23:52 AM

@fra_ntiq @vladdie777 @elonmusk @withFND What? Really? I thought t was just a photoshoped pic from the AlitaArmy! It was real? f***ing mind blowing, man.

5/6/2021, 12:32:54 AM

@PixelSommelier @fra_ntiq @vladdie777 @elonmusk @withFND it was a photoshopped pic by a fan and sent to Elon !! he then posted it and expressed that he liked the film !! In the comments he then wrote that he would prefer a prequel story to a #AlitaSequel

5/6/2021, 12:41:28 AM

GO AND SIGN PLEASE! #alitaarmy

5/6/2021, 1:34:18 PM

"Cyberpunk represents a future in which the “cyber” and the “punk” are constantly in tension...two galaxies of influence, rotating around each other, two cosmic constellations in which the worlds of high technology and the world of urban decay pull at each other..." 1/2 #bcm325

5/6/2021, 2:19:56 AM

...neither gaining priority over the other." this quote is STUNNING, and we can see in #Alita this tension between grungy urban decay and futuristic cyborg technology #bcm325

5/6/2021, 2:21:19 AM

'I framed it, it is incredible, I love it and it is autographed by the actors, it was fair, it totally deserves it. It's one of my favorite movies, I wouldn't get tired of watching it over and over again' #AlitaSequel @20thcentury @JonLandau @JimCameron

5/6/2021, 1:16:22 AM

#AlitaArmy what do you think?

5/6/2021, 12:40:41 AM