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#Alita #BattleAngel

6/11/2021, 3:11:21 AM

I was at a business networking meeting last night and a presentation was being given by a woman whose last name was Panzer. Can you guess where my mind immediately went? So much for paying attention. I think Alita owns me now🤣 #AlitaArmy

6/10/2021, 5:09:09 PM

HoKa Hey #AlitaArmy, here are the times for tomorrow’s race simulation on the stream: Friday, June 11 4:00 PM PDT 5:00 PM MDT 6:00 PM CDT 7:00 PM EDT 11:00 PM GMT Saturday, June 12 12:00 AM CET 4:30 AM IST 8:00 AM JST 9:00 AM AEST #DCUniverse Click on

6/10/2021, 4:30:57 PM

A sequel of this amazing movie #AlitaBattleAngel is what I want, is it too much to ask to Hollywood movie studios? #Alita #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy #GiveAlitaHerSequel @DisneyStudios @20thcentury

6/10/2021, 3:09:54 PM

G’Day and HoKa Hey #AlitaArmy! Come join Angelus and me on the #Alita Livestream tomorrow at 12:00 AM GMT. We are going to simulate a race around the Earth between Alita, the Flash, Quicksilver and Superman. #DCUniverse

6/11/2021, 1:18:00 AM

The last days when you can vote for the best drawings. 😌 For some reason, the number of votes for physical art is almost 2 times more than for digital art. Vote for both if you can! #AlitaArmy #Gunnm #AlitaArtContest

6/10/2021, 4:41:30 PM

#AlitaBattleAngel is a movie I would like to see again at a movie theater. This movie was meant to be seen on a big screen with the best visual and audio quality a movie theater can offer. #Alita #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy @DisneyStudios @20thcentury @AMCTheatres @RegalMovies

6/10/2021, 3:24:08 PM

Mainstream movie critics and reviewers were completely wrong. The #AlitaBattleAngel movie is an outstanding movie. #Alita #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy #GiveAlitaHerSequel @DisneyStudios @20thcentury

6/10/2021, 3:02:17 PM