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Good morning everybody ?⛅?☀️ Have a such a lovely day!

9/14/2021, 3:27:06 PM

@Iamucli Good morning Friends ?????? #Alita @vladdie777 @dennis_won

9/14/2021, 3:34:24 PM

#AlitaArmy What do you like most about Alita? that combat technique? their eyes ? are you obsession with always wanting to protect everyone? tell me ^^ #GiveAlitaHerSequel #AlitaSequel !

9/13/2021, 6:08:33 PM

@BoxerRmd #AlitaSequel

9/14/2021, 1:59:51 PM

#人生で一度はやったことがある映画のワンシーン #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel #アリータ

9/14/2021, 1:27:11 PM

Daily #AlitaGif! Download the GIF at Join the campaign for an #AlitaSequel: Stay up to date with Alita: Battle Angel news and #AlitaArmy events, and sign the sequel petition at the following link: ⚔♥⚔ ⚔♥⚔

9/14/2021, 3:47:33 AM

HoKa Hey #AlitaArmy! Here's our way too cute cyborg girl to brighten our day. OMG, that smile again!❤️❤️❤️❤️

9/14/2021, 2:09:37 PM

@Schmendrick19 @vladdie777 I just wish some of the companies that made Gunnm merch would start again. There seems to be renewed interest

9/14/2021, 1:31:56 PM

@W3RTH_99 @vladdie777 Yes, I really hope this. But it cannot base on just ONE movie. It must be an #AlitaSequel (or prequel) or at least a streaming / tv series. #GiveAlitaHerSequel I will think about this one:

9/14/2021, 1:39:09 PM

Today's showing of Alita: Battle Angel on FX has again resulted in a big jump in google searches of 'Alita' & it seems to be the cause of the Alita reg bluray sales rank on Amazon jumping way up to #539. Alita will be shown again tomorrow morning on FX at 9:30AM. #AlitaSequel

9/14/2021, 2:10:05 AM


9/14/2021, 3:53:08 AM

Alita is a truly amazing and wonderful character She is charming and warrior A battle angel without a doubt The combat she has is Wonderful and her personality So tender and charming She is a protective angel #Alita ?

9/14/2021, 1:29:14 AM