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@DisneyStudios Morning we need a #AlitaSequel now please #GiveAlitaHerSequel

9/16/2021, 9:02:17 AM

Hey #AlitaArmy, my KANSAS sign has arrived. Working on opening the crate now. Whew, @YKunstler99 sure like screws!?

9/16/2021, 4:20:41 AM

A video went up today showing the reactions of people to watching the 2nd Alita: Battle Angel trailer. That's Grace Randolph in the lower right. The reaction is the same as that of watching the movie. That's why Alita will get a sequel. #AlitaSequel

9/16/2021, 3:18:47 AM

?Arte de Marc Pietri / ArtStation #Alita❤️ #FanArt #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel #GiveAlitaHerSequel ⚔️???❤️?9️⃣9️⃣?

9/15/2021, 3:32:02 AM

@Abraham_1660 You are a Genius I admire you Beautiful work of art Congratulations #FanArt #GiveAlitaHerSequel ?❤️❤️❤️ I hope you keep doing more like this for #Alita Greetings

9/16/2021, 1:48:20 AM

@spamdamnn @DavidBirch1982 But I missed it, shit.

9/16/2021, 7:24:18 AM

@wsadqep1 @DavidBirch1982 We'll still be here next 9/9 celebrating #Alita. Hopefully by then we will hear some news with the #AlitaSequel. Join in next time!

9/16/2021, 7:35:21 AM

Dear #Alitaarmy, As Alita continues to reach collectors, we'd like to get some of your feedback. We're a growing studio with a focus on art, so we know we have other areas to improve. Your help is needed, so we can do better on the next Alita collectible

9/15/2021, 3:53:18 AM

@studios_queen We appreciate you asking for feedback. It means a lot to us in the #AlitaArmy. I’m more of a “less is more” guy, so I’d be on the lookout for a smaller in size, but still higher quality, collectible. Hoping for lots of quality comments for you. Cheers!

9/16/2021, 4:15:16 AM

Alita seeing something very exciting for her ?. Literally?? #AlitaSequel

9/16/2021, 3:03:28 AM

Queen StudiosがAlitaArmyへ、フィギュアの出来がどうかフィードバックを求めています(アンケート付き)! フィギュアの世界は詳しくないのですが、メーカーがファンダムに向けて意見を求めるのは異例中の異例では?これ、相当売れたみたい。 #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel #アリータ

9/15/2021, 3:27:47 PM