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You have to catch up with #AlitaBattleAngel That is why those who do not know can catch up with #Alita In And also make the request So that more signatures are reached to promote the sequel a little more ??

9/20/2021, 1:10:09 AM

Daily #AlitaGif! Download the GIF at Join the campaign for an #AlitaSequel: Stay up to date with Alita: Battle Angel news and #AlitaArmy events, and sign the sequel petition at the following link: ⚔♥⚔ ⚔♥⚔

9/19/2021, 5:20:56 AM

@AlitaArmy @vladdie777 #AlitaSequel #GiveAlitaHerSequel

9/19/2021, 1:25:36 PM

Que bonito volver a ver #Alita después de dejarla de ver por 1 año, aparte justo me meto a tiktok y me salió un edit de la peli, el manga y el anime ?

9/19/2021, 9:10:03 AM

Here waiting for a sequel to Alita Tomorrow and to return to see Alita battle angel With friends and enjoy it of course as always I think that by the end of this year oh the other They will say something about this wonderful film and if it opens a sequel #Alitasequel #Alita ❤️

9/19/2021, 2:21:25 AM


9/19/2021, 4:10:47 AM

#AlitaArmy what’s the hold up? They’re basically asking for us to make an entrance.

9/19/2021, 6:38:33 AM

@TheGladTitan @vladdie777 NOTHING IS EVEN CLOSE!!! #AlitaArmy #GiveAlitaHerSequel

9/19/2021, 1:41:44 PM

What's the most visually stunning movie you've ever seen?

9/19/2021, 5:30:02 AM

@ThatEricAlper For me it is #AlitaBattleAngel @AlitaMovie ... i really LOVE ❤️ this Movie ?? #Alita ❤️? #AlitaArmy #WatchAlita #GiveAlitaHerSequel

9/19/2021, 9:52:16 AM

¡Gracias a @YGODerpyOficial por su opinión, revisión y análisis sobre el proyecto de Alita: Card Battle! Que lo califico como "INTERESANTE".? El proyecto seguirá en revisión y mejorará la parte mecánica del juego y otros detalles. #AlitaArmy #AlitaBattleAngel

9/19/2021, 4:46:17 AM

What's new on the #AlitaArmy? ;) #GiveAlitaHerSequel #AlitaSequel !!!!

9/18/2021, 8:05:35 PM


9/19/2021, 4:09:36 AM