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@rockmarooned Alita: Battle Angel was great in Dolby Cinema 3D

1/25/2023, 3:30:53 AM

@PeteMitchell158 I was JUST thinking, that's one where I wonder if I would have dug it in 3D. It was just such a nonentity at that point, at least in NYC (and they certainly didn't screen it for press that way, though I also saw it commercially) (#AlitaArmy)

1/25/2023, 3:34:17 AM

@BSGBAssociate @directorsmiso yes please!!!

1/24/2023, 1:07:33 PM

@Seth_Shinobi @BSGBAssociate @directorsmiso ?????#AlitaSequel

1/25/2023, 3:08:17 AM


1/25/2023, 3:03:44 AM

Congratulations to @JimCameron, @JonLandau, & the entire @20thcentury team who worked on #AvatarTheWayOfWater.  And thank you to audiences all around the world for making this film a phenomenal success.

1/24/2023, 12:19:23 AM

@RobertIger @JimCameron @jonlandau @20thcentury #AlitaArmy deserves the #AlitaSequel U announced sequel to Shang chi and eternals which barely broke even but ignore the GOAT 2019 epic. Bruh do some CEO shit. The army will show up I promise

1/24/2023, 10:11:41 PM

Avatar: The Way of Water grossed $1.58M on Monday (from 3,790 locations). Total domestic gross stands at $599.99M. #AvatarTheWayOfWater #BoxOffice @20thcentury @officialavatar

1/24/2023, 10:03:49 PM

@BORReport @20thcentury @officialavatar 99 is the magic number! ???? #AlitaSequel

1/25/2023, 3:11:38 AM

@directorsmiso need it

1/24/2023, 12:24:21 PM

@BSGBAssociate @directorsmiso ???#AlitaSequel @JimCameron @Disney

1/25/2023, 3:07:24 AM

pic I took on the way to seeing #AvatarTheWayOfWater in London earlier this month (same cinema I saw Cameron's live Q&A). The couple walking towards the arch is sweet. ?❤️❤️

1/24/2023, 10:46:45 AM

@vladdie777 @SalvadorAlbaLo2 #AlitaBattleAngel | #AlitaArmy | #AlitaSequel | #GiveAlitaHerSequel

1/24/2023, 10:46:36 PM

@macias1236 Reply*

1/24/2023, 7:52:18 PM

@elJanjo99 No worries. Thanks for showing the love. #AlitaArmy is very real and I'm crossing my fingers that sequel is made. ?

1/24/2023, 10:06:33 PM