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Indeed. Let’s plan a reunion #AlitaSequel

1/27/2023, 3:21:49 AM

@BrandonDavisBD Can’t wait!

12/13/2022, 10:11:03 PM

@TotallyQuinso @BrandonDavisBD ??#AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy

1/27/2023, 1:06:43 AM

'Our mission is to hunt down and kill, Alita...' As if I didn't hate Quaritch enough already, now he's coming for our girl! ? #AvatarTheWayofWater #AlitaSequel #Alita

1/26/2023, 4:19:01 PM

Borbeni anđeo #Alita 9 - završno poglavlje!

1/26/2023, 3:12:05 PM

来た!! 入口に飾ってある! #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy #銃夢 #アリータ #プライム1スタジオ

1/27/2023, 2:06:48 AM

Bring the pain #alita #alitabattleangel

5/21/2022, 10:11:49 PM

@chumahill ???#AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel

1/27/2023, 12:59:50 AM

@capybaroness No idea why this movie wasn't huge.

1/24/2023, 7:26:19 PM

@StevePeave @capybaroness Because most of the media were saying it sucked (critics debuted it at 33% rotten which led to loads of articles in the press about how bad it was) and it was an unknown IP released at a bad time, not to mention the Disney merger about to drop so marketing was weak. #AlitaSequel

1/26/2023, 3:35:15 PM

@alexiogrenier The zombies wouldn’t even be able to touch her! Used to play that all the time with my bros

1/25/2023, 8:51:12 PM

@vladdie777 Great game indeed #Alita would kick them all into space haha XD

1/26/2023, 12:08:20 PM