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Radio KAOS (#AlitaArmy Livestream #03): 2020 - The Plan Going Forward via @YouTube By The #AlitaArmy

1/14/2020, 4:59:31 AM

Ok right on. Hey #AlitaArmy we can all go home now lol. 😂😂

1/14/2020, 4:52:35 AM

@doc_ido @TheLast_300 @AlitaArmy StarOfElyon, perhaps the proper response to the Oscars would be to schedule a mass tweet as soon as possible. A lot of members of the Alita Army are teed off and are ready to tweet.

1/14/2020, 3:44:37 AM

@CharlieSchmidt1 @xman5778 @doc_ido @TheLast_300 @AlitaArmy I appreciate the passion, but begging @Disney is not an option for me anymore. The only thing they will respond to is, how much money are we gonna make with an #AlitaSequel . They can care less for peoples passion. Just my opinion.

1/14/2020, 4:41:11 AM

Real life #Alita doppelganger It rhymes se well

1/13/2020, 5:13:18 PM

Congratulations to the Visual Effects nominees! #OscarNoms

1/13/2020, 2:35:01 PM

@TheAcademy #OscarNoms #OscarSnubs #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaArmy #RosaSalazar #AdamSandler #UncutGems

1/14/2020, 4:59:04 AM

#AlitaBattleAngel being #snubbed for a #VisualEffects award in the #OscarNominations is appalling! #EndGame and #LionKing belongs on that list, but #1917Movie ? Really? That is a nice spot where #Alita should have gotten a nod. Sorry @TheAcademy , you could have done better.

1/14/2020, 4:45:58 AM

I’m sorry...but WUT??? Where in there eternal Christ is Alita? The only movie that actually used groundbreaking new visual effects? But Endgame is here. Mutha flipping ENDGAME??? Garbage sauce. #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaArmy

1/13/2020, 5:16:45 PM

Of course, fucking of course.

1/13/2020, 2:37:13 PM

@dennis_won Actually we all (#AlitaArmy) knew it! I still had a little hope, so I tried to get home quickly after the training. I should have stayed in the gym...!! 😩 . . . . !!!!!😡

1/13/2020, 5:13:09 PM