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Not worthy of a VFX nomination.? Seriously. Just blows my mind. Nothing for the amazing sound work too. Screw the Oscars, at least most of us know how great this movie is! #AlitaBattleAngelOscarSnub #AlitaArmy @AlitaMovie @Alita_Movie

1/14/2020, 5:34:21 AM

Alita: Battle Angel | Fans reúnen dinero para viajar a los Óscar y allí exigir una secuela

1/13/2020, 11:53:19 PM

@Juanfer77802008 No no no...están vamos a ir o viajar en ningún avión a los Oscars. Contratamos a una agencia de avion que anunciará con una bandera con el Hashtag #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel . Los fondos recuardados que restan serán donados a la caridad Open Bionics.

1/14/2020, 5:28:07 AM

@ShadowWithout1 @DizzyBea23 We don't belong anywhere, except together! 😭😭😭

1/14/2020, 5:17:36 AM

@ShadowWithout1 @DizzyBea23 Alita to #AlitaArmy: You are my advocates, you give me the voice. Without you by my side, all the world's critical acclaims don't mean a thing. There will be no one who can truly understand me. Come with me, we can be free! 😭😭😭 #AlitaSequel

1/14/2020, 5:21:01 AM

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1/14/2020, 5:08:37 AM

Alita was not snubbed for every award. Let’s not forget that Alita and Rosa Salazar got some love from the Hollywood Critics Association. Best Animated or VFX Performance Rosa Salazar, “Alita: Battle Angel” #AlitaSequel #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaArmy

1/14/2020, 5:31:20 AM

I’m feeling pretty stoked to discuss the manga on the livestream this weekend with many other fans. If you have some time feel free to swing by! Subscribe to #AlitaArmy

1/14/2020, 5:21:35 AM

All in! #AlitaArmy

1/14/2020, 5:11:43 AM

@ShadowWithout1 I've tasted the power of main stream media to blatant lie and mislead so many times. They work for money, just like their puppeteer corporations do. The news outlet with integrity is a rarety these days. All those actions from them only serves to confirm our determination.😠😠

1/14/2020, 4:48:52 AM

@Bozilla4 It's the same old thing, were used to it. Doesn't mean it's not disappointing. One door has been shut, so it's up to us to build a new one 🛩------<#AlitaSequel

1/14/2020, 4:59:56 AM