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#AlitaArmy is probably the most positive fandom out there rn. We have nothing but love and passion for the movie, manga and OVA. A lot of franchises have been handled poorly with fans left unhappy. We love what we have, we don't want to change anything, we just want more Alita!❀️

5/23/2020, 2:56:43 PM

@vladdie777 OH YES !! that's so true, and that's why it is so difficult for me to take my annual summer internet break ..! πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜” #AlitaArmy #Together #FinishTheMission #AlitaSequel #AlitaFallenAngel #WatchAlita

5/23/2020, 7:47:50 PM

#AlitaArmy friends! It is much more difficult to keep my summer break! It has always been easy but already last year it was hard for me to take longer internet breaks because I started to fight for our little angel here with my friends..! Today new in my Collection #LastOrder 7

5/23/2020, 7:29:34 PM

Watching Alita: Battle Angel on the weekends has never been a bad option πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ #AlitaBattleAngel #WatchAlita #AlitaSequel #AlitaArmy

5/23/2020, 7:13:32 PM

Oh they be salty now! #AltaArmy gets labelled as a toxic fandom by Screenrant, just because we exist. Don't bother giving this predictable hitpiece any additional revenue by your click.

5/22/2020, 10:42:13 PM

@ShadowWithout1 @freethinker871 I identify with both the ZSJL guys and the Alita Army and they managed to insult me on both counts. Might have to block them after this. #AlitaArmy #AlitaSequel #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague

5/23/2020, 6:46:40 PM

Look what showed up! Thanks @ScarecrowVideo! #AlitaArmy

5/23/2020, 7:45:51 PM

I see Mars and I see #Alita there too.

5/23/2020, 7:15:03 PM

Superhero movies often use an epic battle trope; right at the end, add some new spectacular threat/capability for a final battle. I love that Alita does not do that. Every element has already been established before the climactic confrontation. Way better storytelling. @alitaArmy

5/23/2020, 5:08:03 PM

@AlitaRave @AlitaArmy I love how Alita does things differently then another superhero’s like not really having happy ending but not having sad ending at the same time! It doesn’t feel like marvel movie like some another movies feel like. #AlitaArmy

5/23/2020, 6:48:07 PM

Yes, if we want to get #AlitaSequel, we have to support James Cameron by going cinema to watch Avatar 2. If Avatar 2 does great audience and box office (I mean more than 1 Trillon) then Disney will let him do Alita 2

5/23/2020, 6:12:23 PM