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@Disney, please don't make our pretty cyborg girl cry. Please give her a sequel! #Alita #AlitaArmy #AlitaBattleAngel #AlitaFallenAngel #AlitaSequel #DCUniverse @DisneyMovies @DisneyStudios @20thcentury @ParamountPics @ParamountMovies

9/17/2020, 7:46:52 PM

#yoru #truffles #alita I’m surrounded and I gotta pee. Lol I can’t bring myself to disturb my babies.

9/17/2020, 6:21:45 PM

Rītdien vārda dienu svinēs #Liesma, #Elita, #Alita. 🎁

9/17/2020, 5:00:02 PM

#AlitaArmy, the video is coming along, it's just long af right now lol

9/17/2020, 6:24:19 AM

@TheLast_300 Den’s a long time hunter warrior of the #AlitaArmy! When his video drops, let’s throw our support behind it!! This one especially, since it talks about us!

9/17/2020, 6:47:36 AM

"Thanks to all #AlitaArmy fans @AlitaArmy for the support with Alita's Blu-rays in Brazil. The official launch date is today and many Brazilians have already received their editions. Gratitude to all and Brazilian fans 🇧🇷 thanks"

9/17/2020, 7:41:05 PM

Rosa Salazar's Instagram followers just went up from 398,000 followers to 399,000 followers. Rosa has also posted a photo of Mindy the Wonder Dog on her Instagram page. #AlitaSequel @doc_ido

9/17/2020, 5:49:30 PM

Well #AlitaArmy, it is way past my bedtime.......and you know what I am going to tweet......our girl is oh so pretty when she is asleep! 😴❤️😃 "See" you tomorrow Hunter-Warriors!

9/17/2020, 7:19:48 AM

#AlitaArmy seem there are a pile of Chinese fans in bili station when @MetaBallStudios ' video shows zalem 阿丽塔 means #Alita

9/17/2020, 6:02:29 AM